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My main reason for becoming a member of AIST is:

    Annual conference discounts  
    Specialty conference discounts
    Publication discounts  
    Monthly I&ST Journal  
    Member chapter events  
    Technology committee participation
    Technical education  
    Networking access  

If you are interested in receiving additional correspondence from AIST please check the Interest Codes below.

Alloy Production Alternative Ironmaking
Annealing/Heat Treating Automation/Process Control
Blast Furnace Ironmaking Casting
Coating Coke/Coke Byproducts
Cold Rolling Computer Application
Construction Corporate
Cranes Electric Steelmaking
Electrical Engineering Electrogalvanizing
Energy/Combustion Engineering
Environmental Equipment Design
Equipment Manufacturing Finance
Finishing Flat Products
Foundry Operations Galvanizing
Hot Rolling Human Resources
Information Systems Inspection/Testing
Long Products Lubrication/Hydraulics
Maintenance Material Handling
Metallurgy Mill Buildings
Operations Oxygen Steelmaking
Pipe & Tube Pickling
Power, Combustion & Utilities Plant Services
Product Application Plate Rolling
Product Planning & Scheduling Product Development
Project Management Professor/Instructor
Quality Control Purchasing
Refractories Raw Materials
Research & Development Reheating
Roll Shop Rod & Bar Rolling
Sales/Marketing Safety
Smelting Sensors Systems
Steel Refining Stainless Steel
Structural Rolling Tinplating
Transportation & Logistics University Affairs

Please specify your level of general and technical education
(no degree is required for membership):

    High School Associates Bachelors
    Masters Doctorate Other

The Member Chapters of AIST schedule regular events for local metals industry professionals to foster strong business contacts and the steel fraternity. These events may include dinner presentations, training sessions, product fairs, student activities, tours of local steel-related facilities, holiday dinner dances, and golf outings.

Select only one primary or "home" chapter and if desired up to two secondary chapters from which to receive chapter programming and correspondence.
Primary Member Chapters:

Secondary Member Chapters:

Chapter Map

Chapter Map



Northeastern Ohio
Ohio Valley
San Francisco
Southern California
St. Louis

The Technical Committees of AIST are volunteer-based committees dedicated to advancing the technical development, production, processing and application of iron and steel. Individual Technology Committees meet 3-4 times per year and typically include plant tours, roundtable discussions, technical presentations, and the development of technical sessions for AIST conferences and symposia. To participate in the Technology Committees, one must be a member of AIST and attend at least one committee meeting per year.
I would like to apply for membership on the following Technology Committee(s):

Technical Division I: Safety & Environment Technical Division VI: Metallurgy
Safety & Health Metallurgy-Steelmaking & Casting
Environmental Metallurgy-Processing, Products
      & Applications
Technical Division II: Cokemaking & Ironmaking Technical Division VII: Energy & Control
Cokemaking Energy & Utilities
Ironmaking Electrical Applications
Technical Division III: Steelmaking Computer Applications
Electric Steelmaking Technical Division VIII: Plant Services & Reliability
Oxygen Steelmaking Project & Construction Management
Specialty Alloy & Foundry Maintenance & Reliability
Technical Division IV: Refining & Casting Lubrication & Hydraulics
Ladle & Secondary Refining Refractory Systems
Continuous Casting Technical Division IX: Material Movement & Transportation
Technical Division V: Rolling & Processing Material Handling
Hot Sheet Rolling Cranes
Cold Sheet Rolling Packaging, Shipping & Transportation
TinPlate & Electrogalvanizing  
Plate Rolling  
Rod & Bar Rolling  
Pipe & Tube  
    Principal Company Activity, Product or Service:

Membership Qualifications

Producer Membership may be granted to any individual responsible for the technical, engineering and/or operating phases of the production of iron and steel, including basic raw materials, and the shaping, finishing and coating processes.   
Supplier Membership may be granted to any individual actively engaged by a company supplying equipment, products or services to the iron and steel industry, or employed in allied industries.
Academic Membership may be granted to any individual employed by or enrolled full-time at an accredited college or university, who is responsible for research and development, student instruction, or studying for possible service and support to the iron and steel industry.

By clicking the SUBMIT button, this application is hereby made to the AIST Board of Directors for membership. If elected, I agree to comply with the By Laws of the Association.
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Membership Notes:

Membership is on a calendar basis, 1 Jan through 31 Dec. Members who join after September 1 will remain members through the end of the following year.

Contributions or gifts to the AIST are not deductible as charitable contributions for U.S. federal income tax purposes. However, dues payments may be deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses or miscellaneous itemized deductions depending upon the status of the individual taxpayer. Please consult your tax advisor.

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