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Abstract Submission Form
Use this form to submit your abstract to the AIST Technical Program Committee for possible inclusion in the applicable conference proceedings. Papers will be evaluated solely on the basis of information supplied with this form.

Abstracts should be limited to approximately 100 words or less (unless otherwise stated in the call for papers) and provide a concise account of the objectives, results and implications of the work. All deadlines will be strictly adhered to in order to meet production schedules.

Abstracts are due on or before 15 August 2016 for consideration to the technical program. Abstracts received after the due date will be reviewed should there be a cancellation to the program

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* Abstract Please consider the following information in your abstract:
  • Clearly stated Paper scope
  • What is new and/or novel to the industry
  • How were the results obtained (study stage, partially implemented, fully implemented)
  • Results and benefits to date and any expected future results and benefits


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Any questions please contact the AIST Technical Program Administrator at 724-814-3000.
All abstracts must be submitted online.